Friday, September 11, 2015

"I Love You" from Deep Blue Eyes on the Greek Isles, 2016

That divine evening Paul drove Sophie for dinner at L’ Abreuvoir, the top French restaurant in Athens. As he picked her up, Paul was awed as he admired Sophie in her classic blue dress that complemented her sensual, sexy body. Her accessories stole the show as they enhanced the beauty of her stunning face. But what shocked Paul the most, was the splendor of her striking deep blue eyes. “Is this for real? Am I going out with this Greek Goddess, the epitome of classic beauty?” As always he held the car door for her and helped her get out. As Paul was helping Sophie get seated at the dinner table, Sophie looked around. Rich red wall-to-wall carpeting exactly matched the color of the chairs’ fabric and the beautiful abstract paintings honored the warm beige walls. The candles on each table danced with the low dimmed candlestick lighting on the walls creating an amorous atmosphere. Paul saw Sophie’s eyes beam as she looked around.
“Paul, I’ve never been here before. This is such a wonderful restaurant. The decoration, the ambience fills my soul with romance. I think I’m watching Casablanca and crying. You sure know how to pick the right place and give a woman so much pleasure. Thank you Paul.” Sophie then glanced at their own table. She noticed that their table was the only one in the restaurant to be graced by a low silver bowl full of short stemmed red roses. She didn’t say anything. “Paul is a wonder of a man,” she thought.  
Paul was feeling very romantic; he thought about their story together.
He leaned back and ran his hands through his dark hair.
Leaning forward again he gently held her hand and then ran his fingers through Sophie’s holding her fingers warmly. He looked deep into her blue eyes and said,
“Sophie, I have something to tell you. I’m falling in love with you and I’m so very happy. Our souls are bonded together.”
Never losing eye contact Paul saw Sophie giving him her beaming smile, her white teeth shining and her eyes glowing with happiness.
“I’m not falling in love with you, Paul; I’m already in love with you. I sense a searing warmth of love feelings in my soul. It is so hard to explain because I’ve never felt this before. I can see the warmth of your love radiating from your blue eyes.”
Paul waved to the waiter and asked him to bring a bottle of French Dom Pérignon champagne. As they took a first sip and cheered their love, never losing eye contact, Sophie said.
“I’ll say just one phrase ‘You make me smile’.”
Sophie wiped a tear from her eyes, held Paul’s fingers tighter and continued, “I’m sure we’ve both been waiting for the moment when we would exchange the magic ‘I love you’ words.”
Paul moved real close to Sophie and gave her a quick kiss on her lips.
“I’m hooked on you Sophie. You’re like the heroine drug to me.”
“I’m hooked on you too Paul. Well at least we’ll be in the same rehab center, close together.” Paul watched as Sophie laughed.
George, the maître d’ approached their table. He knew Paul ever since Paul’s parents first took him to the fine L’ Abreuvoir restaurant, when Paul was just fifteen. “Excuse me Mr. Vassilatos, I noticed you ordered champagne. If I’m not indiscreet, are you celebrating an anniversary so I can congratulate you?” Paul looked into Sophie’s eyes straight. He spoke to her in French so that George wouldn’t understand. “Ca va si on lui dit?” “Is it OK if we tell him?” Sophie beamed with delight. She held Paul’s hand tighter and told him “D’ accord”, “No problem.” Paul turned to George and said “We’re celebrating the moment. The first instance when we confessed how much we much we love each other.” The maître d’ shook Sophie’s and then Paul’s hand. “This is a wonderful moment. You’re one of the most beautiful couples I have met. I wish you all the happiness in the world. The champagne is on me.” As Paul warmly thanked him, Sophie blushed and wept.  
Paul took a sip of champagne, he was thinking,
“We’ve certainly taken a second step in the staircase of our love, I want so much to ask her to my apartment for drinks and maybe kiss her, but then I must remember Leeann’s advice of how conservative Sophie is. I’ll ask her to my apartment on a future date.”
Paul held Sophie’s hands tenderly. From time to time he would gently caress her cheeks or hair. He felt a shiver down his spine. And from looking at her eyes he was sure she felt the same shiver. He could see that Sophie was teary eyed and happiness was beaming from her eyes. He was pretty much in the same shape. Paul was trying to guess what Sophie was also thinking. And she was indeed thinking, “Oh how much I’d love to ask Paul to my apartment, especially since we now officially love each other. We’d kiss and it would be lovely, but no I have to stick to my rules because I’m not like other girls, I want our relationship to develop slowly and smoothly. Especially this relationship. This is unique; I’ve never felt so much love and passion in my life. This is as precious as gold.”

Paul drove Sophie back to her apartment. They kissed on the cheek with warm and close body contact. They hugged tightly. But there was something new tonight in their goodbyes. Tonight there was passion.